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  • ASME Distillation Tower
  • ASME Distillation Tower

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Product Description
The distillation column is a kind of gas-liquid contact device for rectifying. The light component (low boiling matter) in the liquid phase is transferred to the gas phase, and the recombination component (high boiling matter) in the gas phase is transferred to the liquid phase, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

MKIMM is able to perform in-house mechanical design, calculation and all related manufacturing and testing activities of the following Pressure Vessels:

High and Low Pressure Spherical / Horizontal / Vertical Dampners;
Tail Gas Drums;
Housings for Carbon / Sand Filters;
Housings for Steam Separators;
Housings for Double Barrel Separators;
Housings for Three-phase Separators;
Atmospheric Tanks;
Combustion Chambers and Burners;
Pig Launching and Receiving Traps;
Indirect Water Bath Heaters;

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